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July 28, 2004

Aluminum fully welded jet ski standBob,

Let me know if this message comes through and I'll send you some pics of the trolley you built for me.

The 4" swivel castors run about 12 bucks each at Lowes. Plus a couple dollars for 3/8 bolts, washers and locknuts. The bigger castors make it easy to roll across pavers and dock boards.

The trolley holds a 900 + pound three seater and can be rolled right from the garage across to bulkhead/patio or down the dock to a lift.

One adult is all that is required to maneuver the ski around.

Kevin P.

July 28, 2004


Hard TopI just wanted to send a quick note telling you guys how pleased I am with the outcome of my hardtop. When shopping around for a hardtop, I went first to the OEM boat manufacturer as a base price/style. Then I went to DIY installation manufacturers which I didn't like due to the mounts impeding on the little walk around space I have. It came down to a few custom fabricators and I wound up choosing ACF due to your candor in answering my questions when deciding on who do go with. That is a decision that I am more than glad to have made. Since Sea Fox isn't a common boat in NJ you had to do some research on style and mounting. I deeply appreciated being involved with all the minute decisions such as mounting points and top projection forward of the windshield.

The quality of craftsmanship that is evident in the frame is outstanding. By closely looking at the framework you can see the attention to detail that ACF represents. Little important details like rounding the inner edges of the tubing so that it wont chafe wiring inside. This isn't evident when looking at the top, but is crucial for long term reliability of additional add-ons . In addition to craftsmanship, customer service was also important to me. ACF totally blew me away with their customer service. By that I am referring to the mounting of the rocket launchers. The first time they were mounted I wasn't completely happy with them. You had mounted them in the standard location and I forgot to mention exactly how I wanted them to be mounted. It was a miss on my part that I expected to live with. Much to my delight, ACF had remounted the launchers prior to final boat pickup without me requesting it. Words cant describe how happy I was.

In my opinion, these are the two most important aspects of choosing a custom fabricator. Craftsmanship and customer service. You guys represent the best in both those areas. I have received numerous inquiries on my top since getting it back. I enthusiastically tell people where I had it done. I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.


Leon Markowski

October 29, 2003

Dear Bobby,

Rod RackOn our ride home from Bayville my friend and I were astonished. We were stopped four times by motorists, who complemented me on the appearance of the boat. If this continues, I may not be able to launce my boat. I sincerely appreciate your patience, work ethic, and professionalism.

Indeed, your work is extraordinary!!!! Now all I have to do to complete the job is catch some fish. Needless to say I will strongly recommend you to all those who seek custom fabrication. Stay well and fish hard!!!!

Joe Bizzarro

T-Top T-Top T-Top